Sunday, September 11, 2011

Manly Music: Anything Like Me, Brad Paisley

I love music!  Music more than anything touches my heart.  It can make me cry it can make me laugh or it can pump me up to do something risky and stupid.  I decided that because of this love I'd like to occasionally feature a song that has inspired me in some kind of manly way.  So for my first Manly Music post I would like to feature Anything Like Me, by Brad Paisley.

I chose this song as I am about to become a father to another little boy. I won;t go into great detail as I think the song tells the story much better than I can.  Just take a few minutes and listen to the words.  Whether you are a father or not I think all men can relate to this on some level, However, I especially think this song portrays exactly how most fathers feel at some point when they find out they are about to have a son.

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