Friday, September 16, 2011

Kick Off Winter With Warren Miller

A tradition that a good friend of mine started several years ago with me is every October we go see the new Warren Miller film.  For those of you who do not know who Warren Miller is, Warren Miller is a stud!  Warren is getting older these days but he has been making fantastic ski movies for over 60 years.  My dad talks about going to see the Warren Miller films when he was a kid.  The Warren Miller film crew travels the globe looking for the most extreme ski and snowboard footage and they get it!

Growing up in Utah the turning of the seasons from fall to winter is always anticipated because that means ski season is just around the corner.  Seeing the new Warren Miller film has become kind of a ski season kick-off for me.  It just wouldn't be ski season without it.  They show the film in select venues across the world and I encourage you all to check out one in your area.  Go to to find a venue in your area.  Here is the trailer for this years film "...Like There's No Tomorrow"
Enjoy and Happy Ski Season!

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