Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cool Manly Gear: Jetboil Advanced Cooking System

I've realized in my own masculine discovery that cool gear plays a vital role in helping any guy feel manly.  Lets face it cars, bikes, camping gear, sports gear all add to our masculine facade and help us get in touch with our rugged core.  It's always been this way, men have always had crap to help them feel more masculine.  I'm sure that first cave man who hit those rocks together and made a fire thought he was the shit!  I'm pretty sure those Scottish soldiers thought they were pretty studly carrying around a 6 foot claymore.   Whether its a truck, a new snowboard or a new set of cleats we men like our toys and it is a big part of what makes us men.  Due to this part of our nature I have decided to occasionally feature something that I think is pretty damn cool.  So Today I want to start with

Jetboil Advanced Cooking System
 I love to backpack and nothing makes backpacking better than ease, hot food, lightweight, and compactability.  The Jetboil cooking system delivers in all of these aspects.  Whenever I go packing with friends theya re always amazed and jealous of my Jetboil because pretty much it's the raddest thing ever! For heating water, soup or any liquidy kind of food it is perfect and recently Jetboil has added some really cool attachment which make it possible to use the it to fry up fish or pretty much cook anything!  I'm pretty stoked about this stuff!  The Jetboil boils 2 cups of water in 2 minutes which leaves you enjoying your meal long before your friends.  This handy stove packs nicely inside of it's liter cooking pot which makes for a really handy way to pack all your cooking stuff into one convenient place.  So if you're looking for a stove or even if you're not but you want something wicked sick to add to your gear stash, give the Jetboil a shot.  You won't be disappointed.

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  1. I've seen this in action and I have to say I have Jetboil envy. My nephew brought one along to our Havasupai hike. Impressive indeed!