Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cool Manly Gear: Leatherman

Another piece of gear that has brought me much pleasure and has gotten me out of a few tight spots is my trusty Leatherman Multitool.  Now I know Leatherman's are nothing new but that does not lessen their coolness.  For those not familiar with a Leatherman it is a pocket knife Which has everything from pliers to screw drivers.  I use it more than any other tool because it is always conveniently in my pocket and does most of what I need a tool for.  A Leatherman should be a staple in any manly tool arsenal.  If you don't have one you should definitely consider purchasing one.  Now make sure not to be fooled, there are many Leatherman rip offs which are cheaper but definitely do not ahve the durability or the warranty of the Letherman. There are many different styles of Leathermans that provide more or fewer features depending on how prepared you want to be.  The style I always have on me is the Leatherman Kick Which just like all of Leatherman's stuff kicks ass!

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  1. My brother Masen really likes this. He is into tools and everything like that. He's our little Handy Manny around here. My remote broke; he's on it! I love him so very much!♥ I want the best for him. He may scream quite a bit, but in the end my ears don't always hurt. Here is something he said "I want a new Leatherman with a saw!" He is at the moment screaming, yelling "WHERE"S MY LEATHERMAN??" I suppose my other family members will proceed to help him, I sure hope anyways!! We all have things or hobbies we enjoy thoroughly. Masen is very loud..WHERE IN THE MOTHER OF SATURN DO YOU GET THIS? I would be very pleased, if you or someone else could kindly comment on this! Please no hating..Hating doesn't help anything or make anything better. In fact hating is very suicidal.)': It is just so sad..Take a moment, be glad for what you have and tell your family you love them so very much! Have a great Sunday! May the peace of the lord be with you all! God bless, merry summer!