Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Battles for the Modern Man

Are the days of true battles over?  It may seem strange but at times I am saddened that I will never have the opportunity to defend my family in a sword fight, or that I will never need to go hunt a deer with a bow and arrow out of necessity,  that I will never be able to stand and fight for my country on a battlefield in the traditional sense.  It seems that the days of these battles are over.  They have been replaced by police officers, security systems, governments with large military, grocery stores etc.  Even the real battles in real wars today seem to have lost a sense of nobleness.  Now don't misunderstand me, I think those soldiers fighting for their country's freedom are extremely brave and I am grateful for them.  But the battles definitely seem to have lost a sense of nobleness  This seems due to there rarely being any kind of confrontation with the enemy as they are shot at from long distances or completely taken out with a missile.  It seems that the once noble battles we see in movies such as Braveheart, Gladiator, the Patriot, and Lord of the Rings, are a thing of the past.  Now I know these are movies but they do depict a world that in someway is lost and that we as men today will never have the opportunity to experience.  Unfortunately I think that this is something that men crave.

Men crave the hunt, the adventure, the battle.  Sadly that craving is left unsatisfied for many men.  Instead men create battles and adventure by taking up extreme sports like rock climbing or snow boarding, or they jump on anything that will go fast because a motorcycle will always add some excitement to an otherwise mundane day.  Men scramble to fight over a tag that will give the opportunity to kill a deer or elk, something that at one time humans did just to survive is now just a sport.  We box, and play football, wrestle, and race just to find a bit of excitment.  Some young men we see joining gangs which really are just a creation of a war that in reality does not exist.  It's a game, a dangerous and illegal one but a game nonetheless.  Kids choose sides and colors, make teams, then go out fighting and killing each other over protecting their "turf" when in reality they have no real idea what it's about except it's exciting and "fun".  The need for men to have a battle to fight is imperitive to a mans soul.  Wthout it he loses his purpose and life becomes meaningless.  Sadly many men have a very real feeling of meaninglessness in their lives.  Men need to create adventure and battle in their lives.

So how do we do this?  We can't very well start sword fighting in the street,  it's illegal and, well, lets face it you'll look like a freak.  So how do we find the battle in our lives, where is the fight for the modern man?

The fight is where you make it.  The fight is where you find it.  The fight comes from within, and if it doesn't it lacks the purpose that you need it to have.  To find your fight ask yourself, what is important to me and of those things that are important what needs to be fought for?   There are a lot of things in the world today that are fighting against men and plenty of causes that need a stronger backing by courageous men.  There are so many things fighting against our rights as fathers, our rights as husbands, our right to believe what we wants, the rights of our families, and the right to be men.  Our freedom is in jeopardy and we often sit passively by and hope that someone else will take care of the problem and then when nobody does we complain quietly in our homes and never do anything about it.  Men, there are so many negative things in this world that are making it so hard to be a good father and to keep our families safe, both physically and morally.  Stand up for yourself and your way of life and fight!  Find your cause and go to battle.  The world isn't getting better and if nothing is done it will be a very sad world indeed to have to leave our children behind in.

There still are battles to fight, they are different but real and just as important for our families as the battles fought in ages past.  Our families still need protecting from the evil influence of media, pornography, drugs, gangs, immorality, and other destructive views that are becoming a "mainstream" way of thinking.  so step into the protector inside of you, that is part of every man, and do what you need to do for your family and for yourself.  Find your battle and fight.

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  1. This is very true! I've found that I tend to turn to video games when I'm looking for a battle to fight. I forget that there are many moral/social battles to be fought as well as the battle with myself. Unfortunately, weapons, adrenaline, and anger don't seem to help in those sorts of battles.

  2. I personally believe that the toughest--and most important--battles we fight are the ones within our own hearts and minds. Not to mention the courage needed to follow in the ways of God.

  3. Thanks Dan, It is very true that some of the greatest battles we fight are those we fight within ourselves.